Hello everyone and welcome to my world.

My name is Vincent Kopp, I'm 23, I am a student at the IUFM de Lorraine (Master) of Maxéville (Meurthe et Moselle) and I live in Tronville-en-Barrois.

I am a young composer and I play music for 18 years.

I practice the trumpet, the cornet and the electro-acoustic guitar.

I'm out of harmony "La Vosgienne" (Abreschviller - Moselle), headed by my grandfather. In this course I only practice the trumpet and cornet.

Apart from that, I like "fun" with other instruments like the flute, harmonica, ukulele ... and of course the synthesizer. And yes, strange as it may seem, I never took courses synthesizer!

All of my compositions is performed by synthesizers (Technics KN2000 and Yamaha DX7) and sometimes I use a pedal to achieve more serious notes to fill in my music (Roland PK-5).

The synthesizer KN 2000 can save on floppies.

Because I wish to find the same sound quality as synthesizers, my recordings are done on computer as follows:

Synthesizer - Mixer - Computer

The improvements are done by computer, fade out only (its gradual decrease at the end of a song). I do not tampered with any of my compositions.

In conclusion, I would say that I wanted to create this site to share my passion and my compositions to all those who visit ...




PS: It is totally useless to try to reproduce music in this site (and of course on the CD) because they are declared and protected by the SDRM (Society for Administration of Mechanical Reproduction Rights of Authors, Composers and publishers).


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